Business Intelligence Using Tableau 

Upskill yourself in Tableau the most in demand technology which will open tons of opportunities in Data oriented domains

7 Modules 

3 - Months

50+ Hours


Industry Based


Up-skill & join Data Experts working in top companies like

Industry Projects

Industry project will be a part of your program to consolidate your learning. 
It will ensure you have the real-world experience 

Who is this Program for?

It's time to show Data who's the boss. Get started with Tableau, a widely used business intelligence (BI) and analytics software to explore, visualize, and securely share data. Our trainer will teach through hands-on, practical examples designed to showcase why Tableau is awesome!

What you'll learn?

Build fast, scalable, and user-friendly dashboards with Tableau Desktop

Work with Data Blending in Tableau

Speak the language of data

Storytelling with data

Showcase your Tableau Desktop skills with unique, hands-on course projects

Program Syllabus

Module 1 - Excel A-2-Z

  • Getting Handy with Excel
  • Basics of ExcelFormatting
  • Options in Excel
  • Sort and Filter Option
  • Working with Dates
  • Logical Functions
  • Practical Data Cleaning
  • Pivot Table A-2-Z
  • Everything about LOOKUP Formulas
  • Conditional Aggregation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Analysis using What-If
  • Report Consolidation
  • Basics of Macros

Module 2 - Dashboard Design Fundamentals 

  • Practical Dashboards
  • Dashboard Variants
  • Designing to Enable Decisions
  • Effective Design
  • Design Principles
  • Launching your Dashboard
  • Case Studies

Module 3 - Getting Started with Tableau

  • Tableau Accelerator Program
  • Connections, Data Prep and Formula Guide
  • Logic (Boolean) and Numerical Formulas
  • Text and Date Formulas + Word Cloud
  • Forums, Data Day Out, Iron VIZ, Tableau Conference (TC)
  • Quick Table Calc's, Filtering, Legends and Mapping
  • Scatter, Analytics Menu, Forecast, Trends, Clusters
  • Exports, Dashboard Interactions, Dashboard Design

Module 4 - Tableau Dashboards Masterclass

  • Tableau Online - Site Creation, First Published Dashboard and Cloud Features
  • Tableau Online - Site/Server Administration
  • Tableau Prep Data Preparation and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Unions, Joins and Blending
  • Parameters and Sets
  • Level of Detail (LOD) Calculations
  • New Visualizations
  • Dashboard Actions and Animation (Pages)
  • Mobile, Dashboard Best Practices and Story Creation

Module 5 - Data Storytelling using tableau 

  • Communicating with Data
  • Good and Bad Data Visualisations
  • Visual Design and Communicating Visually
  • The Right Graph for the Right Data
  • Designing Your Graph to Tell a Story
  • Craft an Inspiring Narrative

Module 6- Building Tableau Dashboards Using Real-World Data

  • Problem Statement
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Analysis Using SQL
  • Data Cleaning and ETL
  • Building a Tableau Dashboard
  • Feedback from the Client
  • Sales Dashboard 
  • Covid - 19 Dashboard
  • IMDB Movies Ratings Data Analysis and Dashboard

Module 7 - Tableau Speed and Performance Optimization

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Data Design
  • Filter Optimization
  • Calculation Optimization
  • Layout & Visuals
  • Tableau Server & Online

Jobaaj Career Assistance 

We will help you prepare a resume that will stand out from the crowd by highlighting your Data Analytics skills and connecting them to your previous professional experiences

The mentors on our team are dedicated to helping you succeed in the programme. To help you learn efficiently, they will provide you with individualized mentorship and consistent support through our exclusive Discord Community

You can use your portfolio to store all of the skills you have learnt throughout the programme as well as showcase all of your project work in your resume, on GitHub, and on LinkedIn.

This course consists of modules, video lectures, tools, resources, and so much more. This workshop is the ultimate guide to LinkedIn for students, job seekers, professionals, freelancers, businesses. So if you are any of those, then pay attention!

Jobaaj MEGA Bonuses

1) Resume Building In Data Analytics

2) Interview Preparation In Data Analytics

3) Job Assistance By Our Own Job Portal   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this Program?

Students, Working Professionals, Career Switchers, Freelancers anyone can take this Program to upskill themselves and secure a job in this domain. 

What are the job opportunities after this Program?

Job opportunities like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Management Analyst/Consultant, Market Researcher, Operations Research Analysts, Independent Consultant, Business Analyst, Predictive Modeling Analyst/Consultant, Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager, Strategy Consultant, Risk Analyst are possible career prospects for you post completion of this program.

How can I avail refund ?

Can avail refund within 7 days of booking, for refund kindly mail at

Will I get recorded or live classes ?

Its a hybrid model, you will get recorded lectures with live Q&A sessions.

What's the duration of this Program?

It is recommended to complete the Program by 3 months

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