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About the
Data Analytics Nano Degree program

Nano Degree Program is designed to upskill the learners in the most relevant tools & technology in Data & Analytics domain. A Job Ready program crafted and delivered carefully by a team of Experts including Microsoft Certified Data Analysts from Jobaaj Learnings in association with Eshan Group Of Institutions 

Who is this program for?

Learners looking to kickstart their career in Data World

Career Enthusiasts looking to upskill & upgrade in Data Analytics

Opportunity grabers who want to fill the gap between demand and supply for data analysts

What you will learn?

Developing the business acumen to tackle the business problems in an analytical way

Learning Python and its magical Data Analytics Libraries - Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and a lot more to transform, clean and optimize data

Learning about the data modelling aspects using yet another powerful language i.e., SQL

Right from the basics cover the advance concepts in Power BI

Eshan Group Of Institutions

Eshan Group of Institutions which includes Eshan college of Engineering, Eshan college of Management, an International School, and one Polytechnical Institute was established in 2009 and has for years, been an inspiration for academic excellence in the field of education and training & development.

- One of the oldest institution involved in Artificial Intelligence Research in India 

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Program Features

Get Certified with Nano Bachelor Degree in D&A

Placement Assistance after completion of Nanodegree

Personalised guidance from the mentor on how to excel in Data Analytics

Get interview/job ready on completing final semester industrial project

Internship as Final Semester Project

Delivered by Microsoft Certified Data Analyst & Tableau Desktop Specialist

Get eligible for job roles like Data Analyst, Business Analyst etc in top MNCs like PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Microsoft and a lot more

Program Syllabus

  • Covers the core and fundamental concepts to set up strong foundation in Data & Analytics
  • Exposes the learner to Database, Warehouse, Lake concepts
  • Covers Big Data, Metadata & Statistical Conpects in Data & Analytics 
  • Includes multiple case study to understand the penetration of Data & Analytics
  • Covers all the Data Analytics terminologies and Data Literacy Concepts
  • Learn how statistics is related to Data & Analytics by using real world examples
  • Learn the Core concepts of Python using Kaggle right from covering the fundamentals
  • Conditional statements, Loops, List, Tupple, Dictionary etc,... we have covered it all
  • Deep dive into the core Data Analytics library like Pandas & Numpy
  • Learn Dimensional Modelling - The Python Way
  • Work on the real world datasets to build a clean, optimized & modelled data
  • Covers Data querying concept using the most powerful language - SQL
  • From aggregating to running advance queries, learning SQL will get you in high demand
  • Create faster & optimized data models for a smooth analytical solution
  • DDL, DQL, DML, DCL - we have got everything covered ...
  • Become a zero to hero in the most in demand Business Intelligence Tool - Power BI
  • Build visually appealing & interactive dashboards for quick insights
  • Learn how to build and mainyain the final analytocal solution
  • From basic to advance DAX queries, we have got all covered
  • Covers advance concepts like Power Query, data modelling, incremental loading, bookmarks, selection etc

Condense all the learnings into a major industrial hands-on projects

Earn Nano Degree Hard Copy after Successful Completion

Programming Tools,Languages & Libraries Covered

Industry Projects

An industry project will be a part of your program to consolidate your learning. Industry projects will ensure you have the real-world experience to start your career in Data Analytics Domain

Industry Case Studies

Jobaaj Career Assistance 

The placements team will help you build the job-search skills you need. Throughout the program, we will provide you with all of the tools to become Job ready. We will get you ready to meet our strong network of hiring companies and ensure you are marketable.

The mentors on our team are dedicated to helping you succeed in the programme. To help you learn efficiently, they will provide you with individualized mentorship and consistent support through our exclusive Discord Community

You can use your portfolio to store all of the skills you have learnt throughout the programme as well as showcase all of your project work in your resume, on GitHub, and on LinkedIn.

We will help you prepare a resume that will stand out from the crowd by highlighting your Data Analytics skills and connecting them to your previous professional experiences

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Our Mentors

Rakshit Vig

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst professional & a Tableau Desktop Specialist

Shubham Agarwal


B.Tech EE 

MBA Cambridge University

Saksham Agarwal


Charted Accountant

MD & Founder Jobaaj Group

Shiva Vashishtha


Python for FInance Trainer

Co-Founder Jobaaj Learnings 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this nanodegree?

Students, Working Professionals, Career Switchers, Freelancers anyone can take this nanodegree to upskill themselves and secure a job in this domain. 

What are the job opportunities after this nanodegree?

Job opportunities like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Management Analyst/Consultant, Market Researcher, Operations Research Analysts, Independent Consultant, Business Analyst, Predictive Modeling Analyst/Consultant, Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager, Strategy Consultant, Risk Analyst are possible career prospects for you post completion of this program.

How can I avail refund ?

Can avail refund within 7 days of booking, for refund kindly mail at

Will I get recorded or live classes ?

Its a hybrid model, you will get recorded lectures with live Q&A sessions.

What's the duration of this nano degree ?

It is recommended to complete the Program by 4 months

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